Thursday, July 17, 2008

As Sharon said we are sooooo excited to be heading out to California!! We have so much work to do and I am thrilled for her and the kids to finally meet Elijah. We are no strangers to travel, Athena and I, but it will be a new adventure with Elijah in tow as well. As we were discussing the other day our products will be unique since Sharon and I, though similar in taste these days, were raised in radically different parts of the world with totally different career backgrounds. I think this shows in our product lines and makes each clip/bow that more eye catching. I hope you will enjoy reading about our journeys as much as the latest update on Pixie Bows. It is our individual journeys through life as well as our journey together since our friendship began in 2004 that truly are the heart of Pixie Bows. As you read you will see our love for children, travel, crazy adventures and how this all somehow comes back to bows!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ice-cream Party!

I just came across this and thought I would pass it on seeing I am a sucker for ice-cream! They are doing ice-cream give aways all week over at "From Dates to Diapers" a great blog that reviews and shares so much great info for moms!


So it is finalized - Holly will be making the trek across country with two kids in tow so we can get some work done. I am so thrilled! Now I need to find a summer camp for the three, three year olds we have so we can actually get some work done. She will be arriving in two weeks and staying with us for two weeks, we will be busy both sight seeing and working, we will keep you all up to date on how it goes.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Little Pink Pansy

We wanted to share with everyone a little something about those on our Blog List as they all are special to us. We will write about each one separately so today lets start with Little Pink Pansy.

Little Pink Pansy is a blog written by a good friend and wonderful supporter of our business. Lindsey writes on her blog about her Online Boutique by the same name where she sells wonderful product for all occasions, from Spa Collections to a Pet Boutique. Little Pink Pansy is supportive of women run businesses of which a large portion are Moms. Little Pink Pansy gives these women a wonderful outlet to sell their creative products in a supportive and well marketed environment.
On her blog she has wonderful giveaways, news on events she will be attending, information on new products and highlights on some of her best sellers. Please make sure to visit both her blog and Little Pink Pansy.

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