Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Special

Christmas is in the air and the Pixies are bursting with joy wanting to celebrate and give presents galore. With snowdusting the trees and fires warming the workshops the merriment of drinking sparkling berry cider and singing songs of the season have got the Pixies excited to share their joy. The bells are ringing and the calendar is full, twelve days of Christmas are here:

1st Day of Christmas: Christmas Tree sweet pea Felt Clip ($8)
2nd Day of Christmas: Red baby snap crochet ($5.50)
3rd Day of Christmas: Christmas Tree snapdragon Felt Clip ($10)
4th Day of Christmas: Santa Hair Bow ($7)
5th Day of Christmas: Gingerbread Hair Bow ($7)
6th Day of Christmas: Candy Cane Snapdragon Felt Clip ($10)
7th Day of Christmas: Solid Red Organza Baby Snap ($5.50)
8th Day of Christmas: Chocolate Poppy Clip ($8)
9th Day of Christmas: Pink Poppy Clip ($8)
10th Day of Christmas: Chocolate Ice cream Hair Bow ($7)
11th Day of Christmas: Dragonfly Hair Bow ($7)
12th Day of Christmas: Pink Toadstool Snapdragon Felt Clip ($10)

All orders placed from Dec 1st – Dec 12th will get a FREE corresponding item. i.e. If you place an order Dec 4th you will receive a Santa Hair Bow.

** remember all orders placed in Nov & until Dec 15th get put into a drawing for a gift basket filled with an assortment of hair clips valued at $50**

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