Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hair Clips, friends and good times........

Well it has been a week since I dropped Holly off at the airport after her whirlwind two weeks here. We got a lot accomplished and had a fun time at the same time. We did get our crocheted flowers and LOVE THEM!! Cannot wait for them to be revealed at our launch the end of October, we have added a little bling to them and gosh are they cute. Dylan, my little girl, had one of the proto types in her hair at the beach and it got lots of ohhhhh's and aahhhhhh's.

Holly and I did not get to doing photos like we had scheduled due to too many guests from out of town arriving at the end of her stay, so we ran out of time. We are wanting to get great product shots and have bought some equipment to hopefully help get them right, as at the moment the photos we are taking are not giving the product justice, which is sad as they are so beyond cute in real life. We are then also trying to get great lifestyle shots, this is more fun but yet more challenging as we both have such high expectations of what we want them to look like. I know it will all come together in the end, just need to keep working at it.

Well we will be posting our next give away later today or tomorrow so keep checking back.

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