Thursday, July 10, 2008

Customer Service

While we have been working on getting our line put together we have been trying out new vendors to supply us with all the different elements we need to create hair bows and flower clips. I have been horrified by how some people run their business and it makes me wonder how they are still in business and what has happened to customer service? We waited 4 weeks for one item from a vendor we had hoped would be a long term supplier. I called them twice and emailed several times without a response, not until I put in a request through Paypal to get my money back did the package arrive. Now would it be so hard to email us back or call us back and just let us know they are back ordered etc. If they had taken the 5 mins to do that we would have used them going forward but how can we trust a company who has so little respect for those who are keeping them going?

Then on the flip side of that are some vendors who are beyond amazing! And we look forward to working with them long term and solidifying a great working relationship. I truly am amazed at how wonderful they are - so Thank-you to all of you!

So what we have learned from this is that for us customer service will be everything! We want our customers to be 100% happy with their purchase and with our communication with them and hopefully along with our great product we will have no choice but to grow and succeed.

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littlepinkpansy said...

I completely agree... I have had a lot of problems with some of my vendors too. How do these places stay in business?? Customer service is my top priority also. This can make or break a business and I know yours will have top-notch service because that's just how you both are!

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